On behalf of our presenter and sponsor Carol Todd and the Amanda Todd Legacy Staying Strong Society,

and our judges Camille Munro, Frankie Cena, Holly Barkwell and Kristal Barrett-Stuart,

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2015 Inspiring Youth Awardees!


eveRIAthing is all about inspiration. We feature inspiring and talented youth, youth with amazing stories, and events or episodes that provide benefits for our youth. As we aim to exceed expectations in our fields of interest, we believe that we should always promote kindness and support advocacies that generate positivity, well-being and safe communities.


We see a lot of promise in our youth and no one is too young to make a difference! For this reason, we would like to recognize our youth who have created huge impacts in their communities and who are making a difference. This is our way of saying 'Thank You' for what they do!





Angel Berry, 13 years old

Calgary, AB



For exemplifying the highest degree of Compassion, Empowerment and Community Service.


Through her voice, writing, poetry, thought process and artistic skills, Angel has the potential to change lives and empower those who read her stories and follow her journey. She has taken her passion for literacy to levels that make her invaluable to the community and has become a huge inspiration at such a young age.


Congratulations, Angel!





For exemplifying the highest degree of Courage, Community Service, Compassion and Empowerment.



Daniel displayed great courage to turn a dark experience into a story of hope for a better world! By sharing his personal journey of cyberbullying, Daniel enables those who might be suffering in silence to come forward and take action, to seek help and to know that they are not alone.  


Congratulations, Daniel!


Daniel Morris, 20 years old

Peterborough, ON



Christine Jamieson, 23 years old

North Vancouver, BC


Through her courage, Christine has used her experience and struggles with anxiety to successfully create an international advocacy to make this world less stressful and to  turn these issues into an opportunity to offer support to others.


Congratulations, Christine!






For exemplifying the highest degree of Compassion, Courage and Community Service.


Humans of Vancouver

Founders Julianna Perkins and Anisha Cheema, , 17years old

Vancouver, BC



For exemplifying the highest degree of Courage, Empowerment and Community Service.


Through their work, Anisha and Julianna took something that was trendy and popular to propel their vision and passion and bring people together in a world of continuous competition. They are able to make people feel that they matter, and that their stories are important. Their skills allow them to capture more than just a picture. They are able to empower the human spirit and connect people with one another. 


Congratulations, Anisha and Julianna!


By using his experience and taking the most difficult things and turning them into a campaign to selflessly help others, Justin has become a voice for those who need strength and courage, and has provided a reminder of the devastation caused by bullying and discrimination. Through his videos, Justin has made a direct impact on many people by giving them hope, and saving many from suicide because they thought they stood alone. 


Congratulations, Justin!


Sam Porta, 17 years old

Maple Ridge, BC



Justin Preston, 22 years old

Fort Erie, ON



Shirin Segran, 18 years old

Port Moody, BC





On behalf of our presenter and sponsor, Carol Todd and the Amanda Todd Legacy Society, we thank you for the great work that you have started, for exercising compassion and kindness in your projects, and for putting others first. You have raised the bar in terms of community service and humanitarian work and we are very proud to bestow

the 2015 Inspiring Youth Awards on all of you!


To our awardees who have not yet guested on the show -- Angel Berry, Daniel Sky Morris, and Justin Preston -- welcome to the eveRIAthing family! 


To Carol Todd and the ATLS, thank you for your dedication in spreading kindness and compassion around the world, and for sharing our mission to acknowledge these inspiring youth!


For exemplifying the highest degree of Courage, Community Service, Compassion and Empowerment.


Sam used her passion for hockey as a catalyst for change in the world and to promote an awareness of Cyber/Anti-Bullying and to support the Amanda Todd Legacy and its goals. Through her work, Sam has become a  voice for  anti¬bullying, 

kindness, empowerment and confidence building.


 Congratulations, Sam!




For exemplifying the highest degree of Community Service, Compassion and Empowerment.

Through her writing, Shirin not only provides an avenue of escape for young minds. From her success, she has gone on to establish her own foundation that supports and empowers youth to develop skills and become self-sufficient and entrepreneurial, making them great contributors to their communities.


Congratulations, Shirin!




For exemplifying the highest degree of Community Service, Compassion and Empowerment.

In appreciation for their beautiful work, our awardees each received a beautiful plaque and Gift Card from Carol Todd and the ATLS, a Certificate of Commendation from eveRIAthing, a Certificate bearing the personalized testimonials from the judges, a message certificate from BC Premier Christy Clark, and their own exclusive featured episode on eveRIAthing. 




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