2016 eveRIAthing Wall of Fame Brightest Stars: NOW OPEN FOR NOMINATIONS!


We, at eveRIAthing, take pride in our guests, in what they have achieved and the stories that they share. We believe that every guest on the show has a message to share whether it is about talent, achievement, perseverance, inspiration,  triumph over challenges, etc. Recognizing these talents and achievers does not end in a guest appearance on the show because we believe in positive motivation and encouragement. We believe in rewarding hard work and recognizing achievement.


Every guest on our show is special and we are very privileged to feature them. We have seen guests who, after their guest appearance, achieved even more  -- they have raised the bar beyond our expectations and we'd like to honour them for their continued quest for excellence. We love hearing updates from our guests because they are role models in many ways and regardless of the season that they guested in, every guest can be a candidate for nomination. As we say, there is a time for everyone because there is always room for more stars in the sky!


Once again, we are inviting nominations for the highest tribute awards that we give our guests: our Wall Of Fame Brightest Star Awards! If you think that a guest on our show should be nominated for these awards, fill out the form below and submit your nominations, along with the requirements, on or before July 15th, 2016. All guests that appeared on our show since we started in 2013, including guests whose episodes were taped as of July 15, 2016, but have not yet aired, are qualified for nomination.

eveRIAthing Wall Of Fame

Episode: Staying Competitive

(Aired October 2013)





Frankie Cena

2015 Brightest Star Awardees

Episode: Phenomenon Rising

(Aired August 2014)


Episode: The Reel Deal

(Aired April 2015)





Episode: Time Management

(Aired October 2013)





Shirin Segran

Peter Bundic

Daryl Dela Cruz

Sara Stanley

Episode: One Brick At A Time

(Aired January 2014)






Episode: A Ray of Hope

(Aired Jan 2014)



Kaitlin Cheung

Episode: Lights, Camera, Action

(Aired February 2015)



Joshua Costea


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