2016 Wall Of Stars Awards Night Event Guidelines





Doors open at 6 pm. Red Carpet and Registration run from 6 – 6:45 pm


To facilitate registration, there will be four lines for attendees. Each line corresponds to a specific group of attendees. Please find your line at the venue and register with our assigned volunteer.


 Line 1 -- Media (TV/Film/Magazines/Publications/Radio), Photographers, Program Participants, Volunteers. 


Line 2:   Sponsors, Judges, Presenters, Prize Donors. 


Line 3:   PAID tickets. These are all attendees who bought their tickets online. The list of names will be at the venue and will be based on the name showing on  their Eventbrite purchase.  


   ***IMPORTANT*** There are people who bought for 2 or more but only one name shows up on the Eventbrite purchase. For example, Jane Doe bought 4 tickets. The list will show her name four times:

Jane Doe

Jane Doe Guest 1

Jane Doe Guest 2

Jane Doe Guest 3


Guests are on a first come-first serve seating arrangement.


Line 4  ‘Please purchase tickets here’ (For attendees paying at the venue.)   Ticket price is $35 each at the door. 

Download the floor layout and seating plan for the

2016 Wall Of Stars Awards Night at The Rio Theatre.



1. Please find your respective line and give your name to our volunteer as well as designation (media, performer, sponsor, guest, etc).


2. Once our staff has checked your name on the list, ask for your Yellow Stub (to vote for the Audience Favorite for The Star Experience Canada) No Yellow Stubs will be issued outside of the registration table. No Yellow Stubs will be re-issued to replace lost ones. These stubs will be collected right after all the finalists for The Star Experience Canada have performed.


3. Ask for your door prize stub (stub comes in pairs; one stays with you, the other goes into the door prize box). The door prize boxes are located to the left of the main entrance, inside the theatre, in our Sponsors Booth. Please visit our sponsors merchandise display.


4. Experience the Red Carpet, find our media partners and do some interviews, make new friends and connections, take photos and enjoy the show!





Most program participants are required to come to the venue at specific assembly times before the Red Carpet, for orientation. Some of these participants are of minor age. For this reason, families who arrive with their kids to assemble early will be allowed to register in advance upon arrival. We will open an early registration for this purpose.


The names of these family members who bought tickets in advance will be on the registration list, marked under the purchaser's name showing on the Eventbrite ticket information. Only those who are personally present will be allowed to register. After registration, everyone is encouraged to join the Red Carpet at 6 PM. 


For everyone else, doors open at 6 PM both for registration and the Red Carpet. Hoping the weather remains as beautiful as it is, we will be holding our Red Carpet outside of the theatre until 6:45 PM when the show starts. The Registration booth will be in the lobby.




There is a concession booth at the theatre lobby and we heard that The Rio serves the best grilled cheese in all of Vancouver! They also serve popcorn, candy and drinks. We don't want you to get hungry as the event will last until 10 PM (approximate) so it may be a good idea to eat a heavy snack before coming in case you are not able to eat during the 15-minute intermission. You can of course, go to the lobby to eat anytime during the event.


Drinks (liquor/alcohol) will be served on the second floor. No drinks are allowed on the first floor as this is an all-ages event. 


FOOD AND DRINKS (around The Rio)


There are lots of places to grab food at around The Rio, too!




There is good parking space on the street and on

the side streets.For those who are planning to take

the public commute, The Rio is just right at the

Skytrain Commercial station.






Address of venue:

1660 E Broadway St, Vancouver BC V5N 1W1



Every attendee will receive a pair of perforated event ticket during registration. Keep one side of the perforation and drop the other piece into the Door Prize box that will be displayed at the Sponsors' Area (left side of the theatre). Door prizes up for grabs are:

1. Certificate to a Full Make Up application experience valued at $50 donated by CurliQue Beauty


2. One NERIUM International product donated by 

Joanne Quan of NERIUM International


3. One Gift Certificate for an overnight stay in a deluxe room with complimentary buffet breakfast for 2 people. This prize is valued at $350 which is based on the current room rate for August 2016 plus the buffet breakfast rate for 2 people at the hotel restaurant Stges Bistro & Lounge.


4. Two (2) tickets valued at $175 each to The MICs Gala on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 2 PM, Coast Plaza Hotel, 1316 33 St NE, Calgary, Alberta T2A 6B6, donated by The MICs founder, Maggie Hewitt.



Sponsor: McIlroy & Associates

*** To join the draw, and since this is age-specific, we ask all teens and kids; or families with teens and kids to sign up at the Sponsors' Area by submitting your name into the dropbox allotted. Winners for this will be drawn during the first segment of the program, after the announcement of the Most Popular Episode and Fave Workshop Awards.***


One (1) $100 Gift Certificate, Professional Screen Acting Program for Kids with Beatrice King, donated by McIlroy & Associates

One (1) $100 Gift Certificate, Professional Screen Acting Program for Teens with Beatrice King, donated by McIlroy & Associates


Sponsor: Mylene Lim, Licensed Mortgage Specialist

** To join the draw, please proceed to the Sponsors' Area to sign up on the sheet and drop your name or business card into the drop box assigned.


One pair of 12 mm South Sea Pearl Earrings valued at $2000 donated by Mylene Lim.


Find more details about this special prize sponsorship HERE.




Sponsor: Joanne Quan of NERIUM International

** To join the draw, please proceed to the Sponsors' Area to sign up on the sheet and drop your name or business card into the drop box assigned.


Product 1:  Nerium International: Patented Anti-Aging /Beauty products valued at $700.00


Product 2:  Age-Defying Eye Serum. Powered by our proprietary SIG-1191™ molecule, which was developed to target the signs of aging around the eye area, this product provides both immediate and long-term benefits. Experience immediate masking of fine lines and wrinkles, and with continued use see a reduction in the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and those pesky crow’s feet wrinkles.   Value:  $114.95


Product 3: Firming Body Contour Cream, Optimera™ Formula. Featuring our SIG-1273® and SAL-14™ ingredients, as well as heavy-hitting ingredients such as caffeine and green tea, this product helps firm and tone problem areas as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite. No wonder this product has quickly become a customer, editor, and celebrity favorite! Value:  $169.95


Product 4:  EHT™ Natural Health Product. This Product helps enhance cognitive function and memory in adults. It supports peripheral circulation and the metabolization of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Value:  $114.95






Please download or view the floor plan and seating arrangement for Saturday. Program participants and presenters

are assigned seats for easy access to the stage and so that we can maintain an organized program, given that it is going to be very fast-paced, dynamic and versatile. All seats that are not marked are open to all other guests, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Thank you for your understanding.


Download the Floor Pland/Seating Layout here: 



The Red Carpet runs from 6:00 – 6:45 pm and will be situated outside The Rio Theatre (weather permitting).  To allow everyone a chance to go on the Red Carpet, each attendee is given TEN (10) seconds to pose for the media and photographers.




Everyone is enjoined to fall in line and take turns to walk individually on the Red Carpet and stop at the center to pose for the cameras.

Proceed to the lobby to register at your designated line and find your seats inside the theatre.


For full seating layout at the event, please view or download the pdf file here. Seats for program participants, judges, presenters, and sponsors are marked to allow them closest access to the stage at any given time. All other seats are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Media and Photographers


We have amazing media and photographer sponsors who will be taking photos of everyone on the Red Carpet so make sure to be on your guard! Smile and look your best!


Media Interviews


Feel free to approach our media partners who will be doing some interviews (unless they find you first). Our eveRIAthing Red Carpet hosts, Richard Tichelman and Tessa Mouzourakis will be doing interviews as well. There are areas on the floor layout (see PDF) assigned for interviews but there just may be one media crew beside you, who knows! Just be ready and enjoy the moment!


Show Start Time


Show starts promptly at 6:45 pm.  Find your seat and enjoy the evening!


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