2016 Wall Of Stars Awards Night

Nominations are now closed. 


whose workshop segments have been nominated for the Fave Workshop Award:


Fans Choice


It's time for our fans and supporters to vote for their favorite guest's workshop. Click on the guest's name to be directed to their entry photo and 'Like/Love' the photo to signify your vote. You can also 'Share' the photo to get everyone involved and every 'Share' counts!


Dylan Kingwell

Janette Bundic

Jase Nelson

Mitchell Kummen

Peter Bundic


Judges Choice


Adjudication by our judges' panel runs from July 1st to 31st for the selection of Judges Choice.

Nominations are now closed. All nominees will be acknowledged at the Wall Of Stars Awards Night.




1. All eveRIAthing episodes aired from September 23, 2013 to June 27th, 2016 qualify for nomination for Fave Workshop. Again, this is not a competition against guests because they are all equally awesome but in the spirit of the Awards Night, we'd like to find out which workshop you loved most! While this award is clearly a way of recognition for our guest, it will also allow us to get feedback on what makes for a good workshop, based on our audience's response because we do want to give you a good show! Of course, the type of workshop does influence the results but even then, with the calibre of our guests as they interact with our fireball of a host, Ria Jade, anything can happen and mesmerize us all!


2. You can now submit your nominations by finding the episode with your favorite workshop from our Episodes page. Click on the episode title to bring up the YouTube link and email the link to us. If you can't bring up the link, you can just email us the Episode details (Season/Year, Title, Guest Name). Email the link to@everiathing@gmail.com with your reason: "Why you like that workshop". One person can submit up to three episodes/workshops for nomination.


3. We will gather all nominations and will post them online on June 30th, after which we will ask everyone to share these links and 'like' them. The audience will get a chance to vote and like the entries until July 15th.


4. We will gather the TOP FIVE episodes with your favorite workshops with the highest likes and submit them to our Screening Committee for final adjudication.


5. All Top Five workshops will be featured on the Awards Night and the guest with the most likes for Fave Workshop receives the Fave Workshop Award. 


It is definitely going to be fun and all in the spirit of recognition and a great chance for eveRIAthing to build on your feedback and bring you shows that you will continue to love!


So come over to our Episodes page and find your favorite workshops and send them in! Let's give your favorite guests all the love and help us create great shows for you, every single week!



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