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 Frequently  Asked Questions  

The Star Experience Canada Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can enter the contest?

A:  Canadian citizens or permanent residents living in BC, and must be between the ages 13 to 23 by December 31, 2016.


Q: What do you mean by unsigned?  

A: According to the guidelines of The Star Experience Canada, unsigned means that the contestant is not signed under any record label.


Q: I am unsigned but I have an EP out (or have released an EP in the past), can I join?

A: Our contest is open to amateurs who have not had the chance to get their  music out into the public so unfortunately, interested applicants who have released their music (whether as a solo artist, or with a group) for the purpose of commercial distribution or sale, are not eligible to join The Star Experience.


Q:  I used to live in BC, and have moved to a different province but will be in town during the Awards Night, can I join? 

A: Only those who currently reside in BC are eligible to join at this time.

Q: How many members can be in a group?

A: A group can have a maximum of 4 members.


Q:  I am 23 years old and I will turn 24 on December 31, 2016, can I still join?

A: We’d love to have you but unfortunately, you have to be 23 or younger as of December 31, 2016.


Q: I am 12 years old and will turn 13 on January 1st, 2017, can I still join?

A: Unfortunately, you have to be at least 13 years old by December 31, 2016.


Q:  Can our group submit one song per member, but perform as a group in each song entry?

A: No. If you are joining as a group, you will need to perform one song as a group. Each individual group member will not be eligible to submit another song each beyond the group entry. However, if you make it to the Top Twelve Finalists performing at the Awards Night, you can only


Q: I cannot play an instrument; can I ask someone to accompany me or record a track for me?

A: You definitely can ask someone to accompany you as long as they fall within our age eligibility. They also have to accompany you live on your video submission. Unfortunately, tracks are not allowed. 


Q: I want to join but I will not be in Vancouver during the August 29th Awards Night. What if I make it to the Top Twelve Finalists?

A: The Awards Night is a very special event that will recognize our Top Finalists and winners for The Star Experience Canada Season 2. Part of the conditions for winning is to be present at the Awards Night, otherwise, the opportunity will be given to the contestant with the next highest score.


Q: Is there a theme for the song entry?

A: No. You can create a song about love, sadness, inspiration, or any topic, as long as the song is in English, is appropriate and does not use obscene, suggestive or offensive language.


Q: How far can my song go over the 4-minute limit?

A: None. Your song must not go over 4 minutes, including introduction and fade out.


Q: How will I know if I made it to the final rounds?

A: We will be notifying our Top Twelve Finalists on or before July 31, 2016.


Q: How is the Audience Favourite going to be selected?

A: The Audience Favourite will be selected by the audience at the Awards Night.


Q: If I made it to the Top Twelve Finalists but I reside outside of Greater Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, will  you cover my fair and accommodation?

A: We’d love to but you will need to pay for your fair and accommodation.


Q:  One of the judges is my coach/mentor, can I still join?

A: Sure! As long as you are not related with any of our eveRIAthing staff, crew or affiliates, you can definitely join!


Q:  I am a friend of one of your partners/sponsors, can I still join?

A: You definitely can!


Q: Do you know what the judges are looking for in an entry?

A: We have general criteria for judging but as to what the judges are specifically looking for, that is entirely their jurisdiction.


Q: What are the criteria for judging?

A: Entries will be judged according to (1)creativity and originality, (2)melody,  (3) lyrics and (4)delivery. You may not be the best vocalist but if you are able to express that fire or passion in your performance, that definitely counts a lot!


Q: What if I think that I deserve to win more than the declared winner, can I contest that?

A: Judges’ decision will be final.


Q: When is the best time to enter so that I would be seen first?

A: We will make sure that every single entry is reviewed.  Your task is to send in your best performance ever! The trick is: Have fun! We are not here to judge how good you are, we are here to find that great combination of a good song and the love to write!


Q: I have not taken songwriting lessons, am I considered a songwriter?

A: As far as the guidelines of The Star Experience Canada are concerned, anyone who loves to write songs, or who believes that they can write, is considered a songwriter.


We’d love to answer all your questions so if you have a question that still needs an answer, please do not hesitate to email us at If we do not respond to you within 48 hours, please re-send your email to us.  Thank you.
















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