Once in a lifetime, or on very rare occasions, one gets to meet an amazing person who is well-known around the world because of the inspiration she provides. Such is former US First Lady Michelle Obama who visited Vancouver on February 15, 2018. The sold-out event did not allow cellphones or cameras so we waited for the news! Now we're sharing an article from CTV News via the link below. 


Based on the article, what caught our eye quickly was what the former First Lady said, "Leaders who lead by fear ... that's all you want to point to, what's broken and wrong," she said. "But if you choose to lead by hope, then you see that good."

We couldn't agree more. Let's learn from this amazing lady. Lead by hope. Initiate projects or movements that bring people together for a good cause. Create milestones. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there just because you have a great idea and are fearful of criticizm. Be unique. No one will execute your idea better than you so don't let anyone stop you from making a difference!


CTV News: MIchelle Obama tells Vancouver crowd, 'a life looking into your phone is not a life'. 

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