Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide anywhere in the world.


That's 90 people every hour.

2,160 every single day.

15,120 every week.


Mental health has become one of the most urgent and serious health concerns of today. Our youth -- the most vulnerable of all -- continue to suffer from the illness for fear that they will not be understood. Because of this, they are deprived of help and support. 


Let's not wait to lose another person to mental illness. Let's show support by talking about it openly and not behind the person's back. Let's rally every single organization and establishment to support mental health.


There is help for mental health but we can only succeed if we do it together. This October 10th, we will once again be holding Light Up Purple for World Mental Health Day. Join us and let's spread the love and pass it on.

Thank you, Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for the Music and Sound Award for the Snowflakes music video!


May Snowflakes inspire many to be strong and to never give up!


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