The Star Experience 2016

Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to The Star Experience Canada 2016! We enjoyed meeting so many talented songwriters last year so we are very excited to open this competition once again this year – with some changes so please go over the guidelines carefully!


Duration of Contest: The contest runs from May 1st through July 15th, 2016. The winners of the contest will be announced at the eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night on August 27, 2016.


Eligibility:  Contestants must be must be between the ages 13 to 23 by December 31, 2016.  Contestants can be solo, duet, or a group and should all qualify under our age eligibility requirements. They must be unsigned artists who have never had a song published or released to the public for sale or commercial distribution. Relatives and families of eveRIAthing producers and staff, affiliates and subsidiaries, etc, are ineligible to join the contest.


Criteria for Song Entries:

1. Original song (English only) written by the contestant or one of the contestants, if entering as a duet or group.

2. Performance (and accompaniment, if applicable) must be live without any video or audio editing.

3. Performance can be a cappella or with accompaniment.

4. If performing with accompaniment, the accompanying artist or instrumentalist must also qualify under the age range, must perform live and be included in the video submitted.

5. Song must not exceed 4.0 minutes. Timing starts from the introduction (the very first note of the piece, lyrical or instrumental) to the conclusion of the piece (the very last note of the piece, including the last note of a fade-out or instrumental tag).

6. Song must be clean and appropriate without use of foul or obscene language.

7. The song entry must not have previously qualified for the grand finals of any song competition.


Submission of Entries


1. Song entries can be submitted from May 1st 12:00 AM PST through July 15, 2016, 11:59 PST.

2. Entries should be uploaded to YouTube with the link emailed to along with a completed The Star Experience Application Form downloadable from (Check back this coming week for the Application Form). For entries with more than one performer, forms should bear all the names and signatures of all participants. 

3. Each YouTube entry will include the following: (a) A 30-second message from the songwriter explaining why they wrote the song and why they think they should win The Star Experience (b) Lyrics of the song, as sang through the entry, posted into the YouTube description (c) song genre (d) Title of the YouTube entry in this format: (Song Title) by (Main Artist Name) (e) If more than one person participated in the creation of the song, the names of all collaborators or co-authors for the song should be included within the description of the YouTube entry but the group can choose whose name is displayed in the title for the entry (see item 3.d)

4. Once submitted to us, the entries cannot be changed. The Star Experience will acknowledge receipt of your entry with an Entry Code duly assigned. If you do not receive our acknowledgment and an Entry Code within 48 hours, please let us know.

5. Once you receive an Entry Code, please add this to your YouTube Title. This code confirms that the correct song and artist are associated with the approved entry.

6. Contestants can submit only one (1) entry for the duration of the whole contest, whether as a solo or group performer.

7. The Star Experience reserves the right to accept or reject entries based on the contest eligibility rules and the contest Application Form provisions. (Check back this coming week for the Application Form.)

8. The decision of the Board of Judges is final and binding on all parties concerned.

9. There is no cost to participate in the contest.



Elimination Process and Selection of Winners


Except for the Audience Favourite Award which will be selected during the eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night, all entries will be judged based on the online submissions.


Finalists: During the eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night, all Top Finalists will have the opportunity to perform live for the chance to win the Audience Favourite Award.  


We will also be announcing the Top Three Winners, (a) First Place  (b) Second Place (c) Third Place during the Awards Night. Major awards for The Star Experience are the First Place and Audience Favourite awards. This year, the Audience Favorite Award may also be a Major Award winner.


More information coming soon! 


CLICK the icon to download The Star Experience Registration Form.

For SOLO Category:

For GROUP Category (2 or more):

Good luck to all our teen songwriters! See you at the eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night!

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