Highly decorated athlete and brain injury survivor, Coltyn Liu, shines!

Today on Shaw Multicultural Channel 116, we are airing the first of two powerful episodes featuring the brave, award-winning athlete Coltyn Liu who has received the Courage to Come Back award as among his most recent accolades. After a traumatic accident when he was barely two, Coltyn suffered from brain damage. When even doctors believed that he was not going to recover from the injury, Coltyn, along with the unmatched support of his loving mom and sister, rose from this trauma to become one of our most celebrated and recognized Canadian athletes!

"You'll never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option." This is one of Coltyn's most powerful messages during his speech given at the Courage to Come Back awards gala in 2016. Get inspired by this young man who continues to prove that no one should give up no matter what.

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