eveRIAthing presents COLTYN LIU (Part 2/Final Episode)

When two young high achievers who have huge responsibilities on their shoulders, who have overcome huge struggles and adversities in life, and have become great role models for our youth, come together and discuss fun little things such as Disney, guess what happens? A workshop that proves why laughter continues to be the best medicine!

Catch eveRIAthing today, July 10th, on SHAW Multicultural Channel 116, 9:30 am and 8:30 pm. The show features Part 2 (Final Episode) of our interview with highly recognized, multi-award winning national athlete Coltyn Liu, recently recognized as the Number One student on The Province in the volleyball category, recipient of the 2016 Courage To Come Back Award, presentor of the 2016 eveRIAthing Most Inspiring Story Award, Co-Founder of the KAREpower organization and most of all, a dedicated son and brother.

Coltyn's episode is hosted by eveRIAthing's main host and Co-Founder, Ria Jade, singer/songwriter/musician and philanthropist.

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