Are you ready for FALL?

Are you ready for fall?

Just when you are saddened by the fact that summer has ended, your face lights up at the thought that it’s actually FALL! Now what season can be more beautiful than fall? When your favourite maple trees start displaying the different colours that the leaves can wear, you know that the most picturesque time of the year has come!

It’s time to bring out your best autumn clothes and summon the superb fashion sense in you as you line up your boots, scarves, sweaters, gloves, toques, etc. We’re talking fall colours once again --- red, burgundy, green, gold, olive, black, brown --- everything earth!

There’s just no denying that fall can bring up so many different moods but one thing’s certain: the crisp cool air that touches our cheeks as leaves start to fall tells us how lucky we are to live in a country that’s blessed with all four seasons!

Happy Fall!

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