TERI BAKER, Author, Two-Time Cancer Survivor, Super Hero!

Finally, our special Mother's Day feature is here!

Meet the author of the book 'What If Bunny Poo Was Square?', 89-year-old Teri Baker, who turns 90 this November. Through her story, Teri is proving to us all that no one is ever too old to fulfill their dreams!

She's talented, tough, endearing, funny, witty and faithful. Most of all, she is a fighter. This author is also a two-time cancer survivor. Now, THAT is a Super Hero! Teri has a lot on her bucket list and nothing is going to stop her -- not even Stage 4 cancer. Way to go, Teri! Lead the way!

To know more about Teri and her book, visit www.teritalesproductions.com. Stay tuned for part 2 of our two-part feature.

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