HOLLY SKYY Says It Out Loud - A Special LGBTQ Episode (FULL)

Holly Skyy. Canadian Actress. Judge, Miss World Canada Talent Portion. Author. Judge, Inspiring Youth Awards, eveRIAthing Wall Of Stars Awards Night. Mom.

Today, she shouts it out loud and stands proud as a gay Christian. A mom to three beautiful children from a 19-year heterosexual marriage, Holly finally shares her most important story so far: she's gay, and she's happy and fulfilled. Living with a deep faith in God, Holly has found a new romantic relationship with Manila-based International Property Specialist Lovanne Lubaton Gallo and together, they talk about their love that stays strong despite the distance and stigma. Their secret: faith.

Holly captures this beautiful awakening through one of her biggest projects so far: her very own memoir, titled 'Good God, I'm Gay!' set for release in February 2019. Stay updated and join Holly in her journey, along with many others who have one dream: to be accepted, recognized, loved and respected for who they are.

This feature is a special episode published by eveRIAthing in support of LGBTQ and the 40th Annual Pride Parade, which takes place on August 5, 2018 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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