HOLLY SKYY Says It Out Loud To The Biggest Influence In Her Life (Trailer)

Holly Skyy. Canadian Actress. Judge, Miss World Canada Talent Portion. Author. Judge, Inspiring Youth Awards, eveRIAthing Wall Of Stars Awards Night. Gay Christian. Mom.

Holly shares her beautiful story which is captured by her most personal project so far: her memoir, an inspiring book that reveals her biggest discovery about who she is and how she stays focused, strong and committed to her faith. eveRIAthing is proud to feature the beautiful and empowering Holly in this special episode in support of LGBTQ. The lovely Manila-based Lovanne Lubaton Gallo joins Holly as they talk about their relationship which continues to flourish despite the time difference and the distance!

The full episode will be available tonight, 6 PM, Vancouver Time. Don't miss!

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