ALYSHA GILL, The Anxious Fighter Part 1

Alysha was born and raised in Canada. After completing high school, she moved on to receiving her diploma in Law Enforcement from the Justice Institute of B.C. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering, sports and going on adventures. Her passion is to help individuals struggling with mental health issues through her story. She also hopes to help our younger generations reach their full potential and make their dreams become their reality. Alysha's story is real. She goes through the ups and downs owing from her mental health challenges. She enjoys the highs and suffers the lows but she recovers every single time. She is proof that one can continue to live with the pain and uncertainties of mental health difficulties and still be able to do something for others. Our Anxious Fighter believes that pain is the source of everyone’s strength. Having learned all this, she hopes she can inspire others through her words and be the change she wishes to see in this world.

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