The Bird Catcher Featured Interviews (Final Episode)

A film so powerful and engaging, The Bird Catcher delivers a message about the horrors of World War II --- persecution, discrimination, genocide, pain, hunger, hopelessness and more. Based on true events, the film reminds us all about oppression and its dark capability to dehumanize the world.

The Bird Catcher is a story about dreams and how the oppressive Nazi regime killed these dreams, crushed hopes and destroyed morale, more than it physically destroyed nations. Even then, the human heart prevails that despite oppression, it has the capacity to forgive!

Beautifully created, The Bird Catcher screens on March 29th from 8:30 - 10:30 pm at the 2019 Garden State Film Festival in Ausbury Park, NJ. This final episode features the last segments of our much-awaited interviews with producer Lisa G. Black, director Ross Clarke and actor 'Aksel' Arthur Hakalahti.

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