eveRIAthing TV Opens Its First Public Workshop

It started as one 16-yr-old girl's dream. From a TV talk show that featured people, events and inspiring stories, eveRIAthing opened its doors to promising youth who had great potentials in TV hosting. Through private mentorship, these young co-hosts proved their calibre as they slowly got recognized for their new skill which opened for them more doors especially in the field of film and entertainment. eveRIAthing, through letters of references, is proud to say that these youth have qualified for even bigger endeavours!

Ria Jade, Founder of the show, has herself been recognized for her exemplary public speaking and hosting skills by no less than The Young Entertainer Awards, Hollywood, USA. What's our next dream? To bring more hosts to the YEA stage and get them recognized as well. To meet its goals, eveRIAthing finally opens its very first public workshop to give our youth the opportunity to find their potentials, build them and utilize them to improve their personality and self-confidence so that they, too, can achieve their dreams faster. eveRIAthing believes in our youth. We have seen them grow into outstanding young adults.

Join us on June 30, 2019, 1 - 4 pm at Danse Etc Studio in Coquitlam, 910 Sherwood Ave. To register, email us at everiathing@gmail.com or see our posters on Facebook @everiathing.

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