eveRIAthing Features Actress Sarah Giles

You must have seen her already because twelve-year-old actress Sarah Giles is ‘Abigail McGrath-Dufresne’ in the SYFY Channel’s paranormal action series “Ghost Wars,” which is available on Netflix outside the United States and Canada.

Sarah began her acting career two years ago after watching her older sister Emily having fun on a film set. She then tried going for auditions and the rest is history! Very comfortable on set , our guest enjoys the twists and challenges of playing different roles. Sarah's most recent short films include “Daughters” and “Porcelain,” and she has a role in an upcoming episode of the comedy webseries “The Actress Diaries.”

This special feature is hosted by Janette Bundic and Aiden Cumming-Teicher. For more of our show, visit www.everiathing.com or follow us on social media @everiathing.

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