eveRIAthing's Youngest Host 14-Yr Old Esabella Strickland Wows The Stars!

Once again, eveRIAthing joins the Joey Awards in celebration of young talent and when these kids talk, we all have to listen because they have so much to say and they just melt our hearts! Check out the first of a series of segments covering our red carpet interviews and be amazed at how passionate our young ones can be, starting with our very own host, Esabella Strickland, who is the newest addition to eveRIAthing's roster of TV and web hosts. We asked the lovely and compassionate Esabella to share an impromptu message at the event and it's at the end of the segment so don't miss! This segment features interviews with Ivano Dicaro, Jaeda LeBlanc, David Kohlsmith, Alyssa Gervasi, Maya Misaljevic and Maja Vujicic. Congratulations everyone. Job well done!

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