Science and Compassion Amidst Covid19 Ft. Dr. Abdu Sharkawy

We watch the news, go on social media, learn about people's stories. Events just keep unfolding, one after the other, and we can't keep up. Sometimes, we can't cope. When we go into overwhelm, we need to listen to medical experts and we are very fortunate to feature one of the best doctors in the country, Abdu Sharkawy, MD, BMSc, FRCPC, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine , Division of Infectious Diseases, University Health Network, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Ontario.

Today's special guest, Dr. Sharkawy, is an internal medicine and infectious diseases specialist who is compassionate, knowledgeable, articulate and more than qualified to guide us through the current Covid19 pandemic. Join us as our gracious guest talks about lingering symptoms (after recovering from Covid), masks, mental health, leadership during these dark times, observance of covid guidelines, and more. We have seen him on the news since the pandemic started, providing us with regular updates directly from Ontario. This time, he tackles issues that we face every day as we all try to move on with our normal lives without ever forgetting that we are still in the middle of the biggest hurdle of our lives.

Huge thanks to Nahla Hopfe for making this interview feature possible, and to Dr. Sharkawy, our sincerest gratitude for the time and wisdom that you shared with us!

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