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Hi, this is Jackie! Welcome to my page where I talk about my latest platform, The Real Diy. 

For years, I have been asking myself what my purpose in life was especially because I love so many things: performing and visual arts, speaking, acting, dance, fitness, drawing, connecting, cooking, table-setting, sewing and more! I love working with things and listening to people and sharing ideas and thoughts.

I have an adorable and loving family and I love them to pieces. As a person, there is something in me as well that yearns to do something not just for my family but for others. Until I reached my late 50's, I never would have known what brings me so much joy as a 'public' person and the pandemic has opened my eyes to the fact that I was born to inspire others. 

Life isn't perfect and we have no control about the things that happen around us, the actions and reactions, the words that are said and the events that take place, but there is one thing that we can do to cope: we CAN control the way we react and allow these circumstances to affect us and there is one value that I will never stress enough: Gratitude. When we are grateful for every little thing we have, and for every person who loves us, we will survive.

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I smile and have so much zest for life not because I have not gone through challenges or difficulties. In fact, it is the reverse: I have seen the lowest and darkest moments of my life as a mom but with faith and devotion and a family that stays together through it all, survived.

When my eldest daughter was 4 years old, she got ill from viral encephalitis which cause the paralysis of her right arm and leg and extremities and damaged the left hemisphere of her brain. After falling into a coma, she lost her sight and seeing my very active and talented little girl lose all of her faculties, my heart was torn to pieces. My husband and I clang to each other for hope as we held on to our one and only refuge: God. With the doctor's statement that our girl will either lose her life battle or become a vegetable, we were relentless with our prayers. My girl, Deanne, regained her vision after 6 long months, and with therapy, slowly learned to function and live again. Today, she continues to be a living testimony that miracles happen. 

As you would say, gold is tested in fire. After that crucial moment in my life, my youngest, Ria, suffered from anorexia nervosa as a young teen, was bullied and went into depression in 2017. Multi-talented and highly achieved, she lost her passion for everything that she loved to do. At the young age of 19, she wanted to give up. Our family was face-to-face with mental illness and depression and without a clue as to how we could all help her cope, we stuck together. I researched and joined forums. I went on leave from my new job for two weeks so that I could bring my girl to her hair school classes every day. We would drive to school in the morning and throughout the day, I'd sit at the nearby A&W restaurant for the whole day and wait until her classes were over and then we'd drive home, passing by the park. Once again, another crisis hit me as a mom. 

I would ask myself all throughout my darkest ordeals why this was happening but then I'd know the answer just as quickly: God knows that I am a strong woman and that my faith in Him will go through tests and yes, I will pass. God has always been my refuge. It has made me learn to unburden to a supreme being allowing me to let go so that I could function with hope and continued enthusiasm for life.

So if you ever feel lost, beaten, hopeless -- have faith. Know that there is Someone up there who will listen if you ask. Never think that life ends once a crisis comes. It is just the beginning of a beautiful chapter in your life which will strengthen your values and character and open your heart to the fact that life is full of meaning and is worth fighting for!

Love and light,



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