The Star Experience Canada Journey


First Place, The Star Experience Canada

Meet Madison Bell. Madison is a 13 year old singer/songwriter from Cloverdale, BC. She has been singing her whole life and started with a professional vocal coach at 9 years old. For someone so young, Madison already has a number of accomplishments including singing for the Prime Minister of Canada, opening for Victoria Duffield, winning the children's division of the PNE Starshowdown and placing top 3 at many other contests all over the lower mainland.  Madison also had the honor of singing on the main stage at Surreys Canada Day celebration for the opening ceremonies.


On her song, Pretty Scars:  "This song is about going through rough times in your life, and turning it around. "Look at all these pretty scars of mine", the scars represent the bad things that have come to pass, and show that the wounds are still there, but they have healed, and you don't let them bother you. Calling them pretty, and divulging them to everyone shows that they don't hurt you anymore, and that it makes you stronger. It's going through the bad, and letting it make you better, and stronger. Instead of letting it beat you down." - Madison


Recently, Madison also won First Place at the TeenFest Canada Abbostford Talent Contest and last July 31st, won First Place at the Valley Voices Vocal Competition. The year is definitely good for our young star!


Madison's musical influences include Sam Smith, James Bay, Adele and Pink. We can't wait to see what lies ahead for Madison as she takes the journey into living the star experience!  


Second Place, The Star Experience Canada

Richard just turned sixteen. His song is about his younger days, his big dreams and how life changes as you grow.


Richard has been singing and performing for 6 years, and values all the critics and feedback that take place after competitions by judges. A very positive person, Richard tries to upgrade his performance each time he re-enters a competition or performs for an audience.   


In 2014, Richard was selected out of 4000 youth across Canada as one of the top 12 contestants for YTV’s The Next Star, Season 7.  The trip to Toronto and performance was a crucial stepping stone in his life as he was inspired to start writing his own songs. When his TNS journey ended, and before he left the green room at the YTV set, Dan Kanter (Justin Bieber's guitarist), who was one of the 3 judges, spoke with him and urged him to keep singing and performing and to start writing his own music.  Since then, he has written  5 songs, his last two songs talking about his own experiences: one about memories of his grandmother who struggled with Alzheimer’s before she passed away, and the other about his wild imagination as a young boy and how it changes as he grows.


"The interesting thing about me writing songs is that my difficulties in school have been due to one of the learning issues that I am classified as having; “Written Output Disorder”.  This has always meant that I struggle with words; written or speech.  They do not come to me quickly.  However when I sit down with my guitar, my words seem to come easier." - Richard.


One of the things that Richard would like to do when he finishes school is Music Therapy.  Clearly Music creates magic for people and it has once again created magic for this very talented and gracious young man!


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