eveRIAthing Wall of Fame Brightest Stars: Meet our Awardees and Nominees!


We, at eveRIAthing, take pride in our guests, in what they have achieved and the stories that they share. We believe that every guest on the show has a message to share whether it is about talent, achievement, perseverance, inspiration,  triumph over challenges, etc. Recognizing these talents and achievers does not end in a guest appearance on the show because we believe in positive motivation and encouragement. We believe in rewarding hard work and recognizing achievement.


Every guest on our show is special and we are very privileged to feature them. We have seen guests who, after their guest appearance, achieved even more  -- they have raised the bar beyond our expectations and we'd like to honour them for their continued quest for excellence. We love hearing updates from our guests because they are role models in many ways and regardless of the season that they guested in, every guest can be a candidate for nomination. As we say, there is a time for everyone because there is always room for more stars in the sky!


As of our cutoff for the Awards Night Brightest Stars Nomination, here are our guests who have shown so much growth in their fields of passion or expertise and we'd like to recognize them. Seven of these nominees will receive the eveRIAthing Wall of Fame Brightest Star Award and they will be revealed on July 25th, at the Awards Night.Congratulations to all of these nominees. 

Episode: SASHattack

(Aired March 2015


As of guesting time, this very lovely little seven-year old impressed us with her award-winning acting skills, super cute commercials, and her Taekwondo blue belt/sash. She was then the winner of a Gold Medal and one Bronze in the BC Championships, March 2015. Previous to that victory, Sasha was the BC Champion in TaeKwondo for 2013, Champion in BC TaeKwondo Masters Cup 2013, and the BC TaeKwondo Masters Cup 2014.


Last June at the JCC TaeKwondo Championships, Sasha competed against a 10-year-old teammate, finished off with a tie (5:5) and therefore had to go for a Golden Point, injuring their knees and bearing the pain. Such courage in a little girl is commendable! In the end, Sasha bagged 2 Golds and 1 Silver breaking records once again!


Aside from this nomination, Sasha is an award presenter at the 2015 eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night.

Sasha Neuhaus

Sara Stanley, 2015 Wall of Fame Brightest Star Awardee

Episode: One Brick At A Time

(Aired January 2014)


As of guesting time, teen social activist and humanitarian Sara Stanley was a regular participant and volunteer for WE Day, built schools for children in Ecuador, and produced the highly successful fundraiser concert, Rock The Ridge, for the BC Children's Hospital.


Driven by the passion to help children not only across the world but within our own community, Sara has, after guesting on the show, produced the second Rock The Ridge concert in 2014, once again succeeding in raising money for the BC Children's Hospital.


Since then, Sara has volunteered in a huge capacityfor Miss World Canada 2014 and 2015. She now pursues an event management course so that she can continue to be a concert producer in pursuit of helping sick children have a better life. 




Episode: Staying Competitive

(Aired October 2013)


As of guesting time, Frankie was Mister World Canada 2012-2013, Mister World Canada Talent and Top Ten 2013, a debate coach, a singer and performer, a model for American Eagle, and a young man with a dream who just graduated from the University of British Columbia-Sauder School of Business. He wore many hats and has shared so many famous lines, some of them his own such as "If one door closes, knock it down!"


At the end of 2014, Frankie conquered the international scene once again this time as the Web Presenter for Miss World 2014 (London). Frankie was also one of the four presenters of the finale night, broadcast live worldwide alongside, Tim Vincent, Megan Young, and Steve Douglas.  




And yes, we would love another Rock The Ridge this year!


Aside from this nomination, Sara is an award presenter at the 2015 eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night.


In 2015, Frankie was hired for his first ever International Speaking Engagement, traveling to Naga City in the Philippines to deliver a keynote address at the convocation ceremony for Brentwood College of Asia International School.


Despite his success, Frankie continues to stay closely grounded to his beginnings and always looks back with gratitude. Apart from this nomination, we are honoured to have Frankie join our prestigious panel of judges for the 2015 Inspiring Youth Awards. 


Frankie Cena, 2015 Wall of Fame Brightest Star Awardee

Mitchell Kummen

Episode: A Taste of Hollywood

(Aired April 2015)


As of guesting time, Mitchell was an award-winning actor who has worked with legends like Elizabeth Berkley, Christopher LLoyd, Juno Temple, Sabrina Carpenter and Daniel Radcliffe, as the young Daniel in the movie, Horns.


After his guest appearance, Mitchell has made it to the regular cast for the new UP original drama series, "Ties That Bind" premiering on August 12. One very remarkable work of Mitch is that he volunteers both his time and money to several charities and sponsors children in Africa.


 Mitch, originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, has a message that we could never forget: "If you are in an auditon and are feeling nervous, remember that you have every right to be there as anyone else does. Never give up on your dream; I am from Winnipeg and I never thought that I'd be working with Daniel Radcliffe!"


Aside from this nomination, Mitchell is one of our hosts for the 2015 eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night and is an award presenter. 

Episode: Lights, Camera, Action

(Aired February 2015)


As of guesting time, professional actor and award-winning moviemaker Joshua was a very young director who was already actively creating movies in order to give many young ones like himself the opportunity to act on film. Since August 2013, Joshua directed and has been involved in making 6 short films on his own or with his friends and 3 with a moviemaking program.


His film, Lord of the Guys, won 6 awards at film festivals in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Vancouver. He also directed his first short film called The Bill, with a goal in mind: "To give kid actors an opportunity to shine, and to light the passion of making movies for the kids involved."


Another remarkable film Joshua made starred another young eveRIAthing guest, David Raynolds, called "Albert" which was an official selection in the short film competition for St. Tropez International Film Festival in Nice, France in May 2015. 


Other films created by Joshua were The Dating Journal, Bocce Boys, and The Battle. On his projects he worked with talented young actors from Vancouver such as Alisha Newton of Heartland, Katelyn Meger of Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters, Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey of The Gamer and Peter Bundic of The Planet of the Apes.


Joshua is currently in pre-production of his new film called “The Candy Girl”, is writing a script for another short film, and planning to produce his first feature film. Just 13 years old, Joshua wants to inspire other kids believing that you can do anything you want if you put your mind into it. Through his work, Joshua shows great examples of leadership, collaboration, hard work, creativity, team work, enthusiasm and a strong desire to succeed.


Aside from this nomination, Joshua is an award presenter at the 2015 eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night. 

Joshua Costea, 2015 Wall of Fame Brightest Star Awardee

Episode: Phenomenon Rising

(Aired August 2014)


As of guesting time, Shirin just turned 18 and was a published author after she released her debut novel, Aegis Rising in November 2013. The novel reached No. 1 on Amazon Kindle's Young Adult Category and won multiple awards and recognition. It then received a glowing review from Samuel F. Pickering, the English Professor who was the inspiration for the movie Dead Poets Society. Other outstanding reviews received for her book were:



"If Daniel Silva and Rick Riordan had a love child, it would be the young S.S.Segran. With the intensity of an adult spy thriller and the relatable characters that teenagers enjoy, Aegis Incursion takes YA Action, Adventure, and Fantasy to a new level." - The OnlineBookClub.org 



"In her impressive debut novel, S.S. Segran wields a skillful pen that transcends her youth by crafting haunting prose, vivid imagery, and a well thought out plot to cast herself into a mix of young authors to watch. It is obvious, from the very first chapter, that this is the work of a talented writer who possesses an enviable imagination along with the intelligence to mold it into an absorbing story." ~ Christopher Gill - Amazon Reviews ~


Her second novel was released in late March 2015 and quickly reached #1 on Amazon's Hot New Release for Teen/YA. “AEGIS INCURSION”, the much-awaited sequel to the award-winning YA action-adventure thriller, “AEGIS RISING,” was officially launched on June 19, 2015.  with extensive blog tours and exciting giveaways. Not to be outdone by the phenomenal hit, Aegis Rising, Shirin's second book also made it to the No. 1 spot on Amazon Kindle’s Bestseller List ahead of iconic titles such as “The Hunger Games,” “Maze Runner” and “Allegiant.”


it's definitely success after success with Shirin's books and she has barely hit 20! Currently, Shirin is in Israel devoting a year of voluntary service. Despite her physical absence, Shirin's presence is so strongly felt due to the massive success that her books have attained! Definitely an unprecedented feat!


Aside from this nomination, Shirin is also one of seven nominees for the 2015 Inspiring Youth Awards. 


Episode: The Reel Deal

(Aired April 2015)


As of guesting time, our young award-winning actor Peter had a resume that consisted of a successful line of commercials made (Nissan Versa, Caryola, Kellogs, Hot Wheels, etc.), TV bookings such as Eureka, and feature films such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Some of the short films he has worked on included Lord of the Guys and Friends in Dark Places.


As of that time, Peter and his director received nominations at Zoom Festival for:
Best Junior Technical Film, Judges Junior Selection, and Best Junior Performance. The results were amazing:  They won 3rd Place for Judges Junior Selection; Peter won First Place for Best Junior Performance. and received a scholarship to Tarlington Training for his win. Peter also won first place for Estranged at the Zoom Festival.




Escape Sonata, shown in April at Reel 2 Real Film festival, and written by Peter and his sister Janette, along with Erika Forest, won Best Use of Music and Sound. Peter did not only perform in the film but also worked on camera and sound.


This young 2015 YAA Presenter is also a sports enthusiast recently making the final cut for Team BC for football! Our guy successfully made it to the All Star Youth Team for football and Team BC and played in Miami! The All Star Teams (Junior and Senior) that went to Miami won on the Fourth of July against the best states players. 


Peter's success record shows that one can pursue two or more fields of interest and excel!


Aside from this nomination, Peter is also an award presenter at the eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night.




Shirin Segran, 2015 Wall of Fame Brightest Star Awardee

Peter Bundic, 2015 Wall of Fame Brightest Star Awardee

Episode: A Ray of Hope

(Aired Jan 2014)


As of guesting time, Kaitlin was an award-winning actress at the age of 11,  a dancer, a commercial model and she was set to film a movie in the Philippines.  She was a recipient of and three-time nominee for the Young Artist Award in LA.


After her eveRIAthing episode taping, Kaitlin received a Silver Dolphin Award, Cannes’ International Film Festival; was a nominee at the Joey Awards, a finalist and recipient of the Outstanding Dancer Award at the NYCDA Convention (Portland, Oregon). She also received 3  Surrey Festival Scholarships, won First Place in Lyrical at The Surrey Festival and was First Place and High Gold recipient at the Dance Power Burnaby. Kaitlin was recently cast in Disney XD MTX!  Episode.  


Aside from this nomination, Kaitlin is a guest performer and award presenter at the forthcoming eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night.


Episode: Time Management

(Aired October 2013)


As of guesting time, Daryl was a 17-year old scholastic achiever and community and transportation advocate. He lobbied for the Surrey Rapid Transit program and was an active blogger. As of that time, Daryl had the following awards to his name: Founder and Campaign Manager for the Better Surrey Rapid Transit petition group which carries the blog skytrainforsurrey.org and also maintains a popular personal blog called “Daryl’s Take and More”.


Daryl was a certified member of the Gifted Children of Canada. IN 2012, he received Surrey’s Top 25 Under 25 Awards by the Surrey Board of Trade and at 17,  the Surrey North Delta Leader’s Community Leader Award  for Community Builder category  (2013). Daryl is also an “Outstanding Delegate Award” recipient at the Canadian Future Model United Nations Assembly in 2013 and was also chosen as one of the 2013 Top 24 Under 24 in Metro Vancouver by the 24Hrs Newspaper.




Daryl is the youngest recipient at age 16 in 2012 of Surrey’s Top 25 Under 25 Awards by the Surrey Board of Trade and is also the youngest recipient at age 17 of the Surrey North Delta Leader’s Community Leader Award  for Community Builder category in 2013. Daryl is also an “Outstanding Delegate Award” recipient at the Canadian Future Model United Nations Assembly in 2013 and was also chosen as one of the 2013 Top 24 Under 24 in Metro Vancouver by the 24Hrs Newspaper.


Daryl’s recent achievements are receiving a special gold medal award and certificate from the American Association of Teachers of Japanese. In November 2014, he was named Finalist for the Service Above-Self Surrey Youth (S.A.S.S.Y.) Awards for Community Service.  Most recently, because of his active participation in Anime Youth Conventions both in Vancouver and in Japan, he has been appointed by the Ministry of Trade in Japan to be Ambassador to Anime Community in Vancouver.  

Matreya Scarrwener

Episode: Once Upon A Rainbow

(Aired April 2015)


As of guesting time, Matreya has been acting professionally for three years. She was then a series regular on CBC’s new western drama Strange Empire. She was previously in the critically acclaimed two handed play Armstrong’s War at the Arts Club Theatre for which she received a Jessie nomination and a Joey award. She plays Dorothy in Once Upon a time (Joey nomination), and Sheila in Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies. She has guest starred on Spooksville and The Haunting hour and appeared in The Killing; and was workshopping the new play by John Mann and Morris Panych Waiting Room at the Arts Club Theatre.


After her guest appearance, Matreya made it as regular cast for the new UP original drama series, "Ties That Bind" premiering on August 12th.


Aside from this nomination, Matreya is one of our hosts for the 2015 eveRIAthing Wall of Stars Awards Night.

Kaitlin Cheung, 2015 Wall of Fame Brightest Star Awardee

Daryl Dela Cruz, 2015 Wall of Fame Brightest Star Awardee


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