Year 3



Epi 01 Looking Back At Year 2

Aired Sept 28, 2015



Epi 02 Light Up Purple Special Episode for World Mental Health Day 2015

Aired Oct. 5, 2015


Once again, eveRIAthing joins the campaign for mental health awareness. This special episode features young people who have come to share their stories and messages of help and support so that those who are suffering from any mental health issues or anxiety will know that the are not alone and that there is help out there.  


Epi 03 Light Up Purple Then (2014) and Now (2015)

Aired  October 12, 2015


This episode features our episode in 2014 with guest Carol Todd, Founder of the Amanda Todd Legacy Society, as she provides guidance and enlightenment about mental health and spreading awareness of the cause.


Epi 04 TeenFest Canada Abbotsford

Aired October 19, 2015


This episode features TeenFest Canada Abbotsford -- the talent contest, mainstage performances and the announcement of the winners! Stay tuned!


Epi 05 Tribute to Hollywood North plus Family Fun Day

Aired October 26, 2015


As our Halloween episode, we are featuring a great line up of our very own stars as we air our 'Tribute to Hollywood North' in support of the BC Film Industry. For our special community/event feature, we are airing our coverage of Family Fun Day, a whole-day line up of exhibits, music, fun and entertainment by the Place Maillardville Community Centre, proceeds from which gave opportunities for kids to attend French camp. 


Epi 06 Keeping It Human

Aired Noember 02, 2015


Humans of Vancouver founders Julianna Perkins and Anisha Cheema talk about their passion about sharing the stories of the typical Vancouverite, focusing on the value of being able to appreciate every person around us, and not judging them from what see outside.


Epi 07 Valley Voices Vocal Competition 2015 FINALE Part 1

Valley Voices Vocal Competition (VVVC) is dedicated to the development of young talent. Based out of Abbotsford, BC, Canada, the VVVC and its community of supporters are proud to be presenting the 7th Annual Valley Voices Vocal Competition. Here's part 1!


Epi 08 Valley Voices Vocal Competition 2015 FINALE Part 2

The fun and excitement continues as we air the last of our interviews!


Epi09 Because I Can Part 1

This amazing and very informative episode about anxiety as well the anxiety app that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times: MindShift. This episode features Anxiety BC Executive Director Judith Law and internationally-acclaimed pastry chef, Bruno Feldeisen, who lives with anxiety and shows us how he manages it.


Epi 10 Because I Can Part 2

This episode is a great resource of information and tips shared by our guests and talks about the MindShift app which can be downloaded for free. 


Epi 11 The KATE Walk

Kate Miles is only sixteen but she's displayed her fashion on many catwalks because of her unique style! 


Epi 12 The Star Experience Update


Sharing the big news from The Star Experience Canada as we officially launch the winning songs of Madison Bell, Richard Tichelman and Alexis Lynn and proudly announcing our next major winner who's continuing her journey with The Star Experience -  the very talented Kathleen Munro!


Epi 13 An eveRIAthing Christmas


This episode features the activities of eveRIAthing during the Christmas Season including the team's visit to the Lookout Foundation's homeless shelter.


Epi14 The GIFT of Giving

Special Holiday Break feature by eveRIAthing.


Epi 15 New Year Updates

Special Holiday Break feature by eveRIAthing.


Epi 16 Always a Brighter Sky ft Daniel Sky Morris

As a 2015 eveRIAthing Inspiring Youth Award recipient, Daniel has been recognized for exemplifying the highest degree of Courage, Community Service, Compassion and Empowerment.


Epi 17 Alexis' Journey

Featuring The Star Experience Canada's Audience Favourite and Winner of Best Song, Alexis Lynn.


Epi 18 eveRIAthing presents Janette Bundic

Actress, Director, Scriptwriter, Dancer and advocate for Multiple Sclerosis.


Epi 19 eveRIAthing Special Tribute to Actors

In this episode, we are recognizing our guests who are in the acting field by featuring segments of our favorite film trailers!


Epi 20 Special Valentine's Day with Richard Tichelman

Great Valentine Treat featuring singer/songwriter/musician/model Richard Tichelman.


Epi 21 TeenFest Canada Special

Special tribute to this dynamic and highly engaging youth fest that's gotten every teen empowered!


Epi 22 eveRIAthing presents Angel Berry

Best Actress winner, musician, poet and designer and recipient of the eveRIAthing Inspiring Youth Award in 2015 through the sponsorship of the Amanda Todd Legacy Society for her philanthropic work.


Epi 23 Ria Shares Highlights at the BOM Summit 2015

BOM Summit 2016: A highly relevant, urgent and successful platform for youth mental health! Ria receives the Kelty Champion of Wellness Award for Community Development and (later, at the Vancouver Canucks-Toronto Maple Leafs home game at the Rogers Arena) Dan Hamhuis' Hammer's Heroes Award.


Epi 24 The Joey Awards Red Carpet Interviews Part 1

Featuring interviews with young actors, filmmakers and artists who were nominated for the year's Joey Awards plus some red carpet highlights!


Epi 25 The Joey Awards Red Carpet Interviews Part 2

Featuring interviews with young actors, filmmakers and artists who were nominated for the year's Joey Awards plus some red carpet highlights and footages from the awarding ceremony!


Epi 26/27 The Joey Awards Red Carpet Interviews Part 3

Last of 3 parts featuring interviews with young actors, filmmakers and artists who were nominated for the year's Joey Awards plus some red carpet highlights and footages from the awarding ceremony!


Epi 28 Crazy For Workshops

First batch of randome highlights from workshops on the show!


Epi 29 eveRIAthing presents Kathleen Munro, 3rd Place Winner, The Star Experience Canada 2015


Epi 30 eveRIAthing presents Jase Nelson

Jase is a singer, songwriter, director, book author, host, model and talent scout who is one of our hosts for the upcoming Wall Of Stars Awards Night, 2016!


Epi 31 Crazy for Workshops 2

Featuring batch two of some of our best workshop episodes on the show!


Epi 32 eveRIAthing presents Madison Bell, First Place Winner, The Star Experience Canada 2015


Epi 33 Mother's Day Special 

Shout out to every mom, supermom, stage mom, momager, etc., and everyone who assumes the role of mom in this world! Happy Mother's Day!


Epi 34 eveRIAthing presents Kennedi Clements

This nine-year old girl who starred as Madison Bowen in the 2015 Poltergeist film is an amazing award-winning actress and dancer who is not gonna stop at anything!


Epi 35 Laura Guzman, the Miss Universe Canada 2016 Pageant, and Just Smiles Gala

Laura returns to eveRIAthing to talk about her journey to win the Miss Universe Canada crown this time and how she co-organized the Just Smiles Gala t raise funds for Operation Smiles in support of children born with cleft palate.


Epi 36 eveRIAthing presents Aiden Cumming-Teicher

This award-winning actor is also a very talented young scientist and environmentalist.


Epi 37 eveRIAthing presents Blakout

We're featuring Blakout for the amazing, careful thoughts he puts into his work and uses this to empower others!


Epi 38 Crazy for Workshops 3

Here are snippets from some of our past workshops! Click here to view the 2016 Top Five episodes nominated for the Fave Workshop Award.


Epi 39 Top Fave Workshop Nominees


Epi 40 Top 10 Most Popular Episodes (Ft the first eight nominees)


Epi 41 Fourth World Screening featuring Kaitlin Cheung


Epi 42 Throwback Wall Of Stars 2015 Part 1


Epi 43: Wall Of Stars Update 2


Epi 44 Wall Of Stars Update 3


Epi 46 The Star Experience Teaser


Epi 47 Tribute To Actors


Epi 48 - 49 Wall of Stars Promo


Epi 49 Tribute to Sponsors Volunteers Crew


Epi 50 Wall Of Stars Part 1 Red Carpet 


Epi 51: Part 2 of our Wall Of Stars coverage features the opening number by Queen B'z, song by Kathleen Munro, welcome address by our main partner Ms Lisa Wartur, CEO and Publicist of NoodleHead Productions PR, Most Popular Episode highlight and awards and more! Part 2 also features hosts Dylan Kingwell, Sasha Neuhaus, Matreya Scarrwener and Jase Nelson.






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