A Quick Introduction

Just because there are already millions of stars in the sky doesn’t mean you aren’t one of them.” – Jackie Diy, eveRIAthing Co-Founder and Founder of The Real Diy  inspirational platfform.


eveRIAthing is a TV show and online platform that focuses on the strength in people, their value and inner beauty. Founded by then 16-yr-old Ria Jade, a singer and songwriter and her mom, Jackie, in 2013, eveRIAthing is a program that focuses on talent, achievement, inspiration, empowerment, gratitude and a myriad of humanitarian causes and advocacies. The program supports LGBTQ, anti-bullying, equality and, its biggest advocacy of all, mental health.


The show is proud to have a stellar roster of guests such as Frankie Cena, Carol Todd, Tara Teng, Luisa Marshall, Adam Hurstfield, Dylan Kingwell, James Valiant, Julian LeBlanc, Humans of Vancouver and Dave Boddy, among others. It has covered events such as the LEO Awards, The Young Entertainer Awards (Universal Studios, Hollywood), Vancouver Pride, Walk So Kids Can Talk and Light Up Purple.


eveRIAthing started as a dream of Ria who had a vision that you can achieve anything if you set your heart to it. A survivor of bullying, depression and anorexia nervosa, Ria lives with anxiety and admits that while it is a constant battle, the scars from her wounds symbolize strength and hope. A singer and songwriter, Ria shares her story through her music and built the eveRIAthing platform so that others can be heard and appreciated. A recipient of multiple awards for her music and inspiring story, Ria’s legacy lives through eveRIAthing which now has a team of hosts headed and mentored by Jackie: artist Janette Bundic, actors Peter Bundic, Joshua Costea and Esabella Strickland and host/comedian Richard Davis.


In 2015 and 2016, eveRIAthing held its own Wall Of Stars Awards Night to celebrate talent and inspiring stories. Todate, the program continues to publish interviews centered on health, inspiration, arts and entertainment, causes and advocacies, community service, special events, innovation, talent and achievement.


The eveRIAthing Team

It runs in the family.

Co-Founder Ria had a vision in 2013: She wanted a platform to recognize young talents and achievers and inspiring stories. Armed with an inherent compassion for people and a natural gift of chatter, Ria brought to life episode after episode of fun, information, music, art and inspiration as the show's host during its earlier years. 


A graduate of Blanche Macdonald, Ria is a full-time hairstylist at the posh Artel Salon in Vancouver while still actively writing songs and performing in Vancouver. Ria has received numerous accolades for her music, hosting and story and to this date, continues to use her voice in support of mental health, LGBTQ, equality and animal rights. 


While not regularly visible on the show in recent years, Ria continues to host special events.

As Co-Founder, Jackie is the main producer and director of the show. She is the point of contact for guests and is the spokesperson for eveRIAthing and all of its platforms. 


Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce, Major in Business Management from the De La Salle University Manila and a Certificate in Drama and Theatre Arts from the University of the Philippines. An actress, orator and dancer since she was little, Jackie has years of experience in teaching in the field of film, creative arts, drama and dance and is also the trainer for the newly launched eveRIAthing School focusing on hosting and public speaking, personality development and public image.


Jackie is the show's main host and on the side, mentors the team's young roster of hosting talents. Behind the scenes, Jackie is also the show's editor and publisher. Jackie co-owns the Everiathing Network with husband, Raffy. Jackie also works in the public sector. Above all, Jackie is proud mom to Ria and older sister Deanne.



Ria’s dad has always been the biggest supporter of the family’s projects, activities and events and of course, fixer and troubleshooter of all issues from home plumbing to computer crashes. Raffy holds a  Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce, Major in Business Management from the De La Salle University Manila,  a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the College of St. Benilde, Manila, an undergraduate Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the AMA Computer College and a Diploma in Computer Network Certification from CDI College.

Highly logical and extremely adept at troubleshooting, Raffy is the team’s video, audio and technical guru. From the set-up of lights, microphones, audio system and cameras, through the maintenance of the computer network for the show, Raffy is also the organization’s material procurement specialist and consultant. This proud dad works in the gas utilities service industry during weekdays.

All wrapped up in sweetness, Deanne is the silent ‘mover’ of the team. Ria’s older sister is the show’s scriptwriter and researcher. While also acting as assistant to Raffy in terms of video and audio set up during coverages and interviews, Deanne is in charge of supplies and logistics and is the main event and registration chairperson. With mom and dad busy with interviews and editing, Deanne is the family’s bookkeeper and administration clerk.

Deanne holds a Diploma in Office Administration and in Culinary Arts but dabbles in website design during her free time. Gifted with innate marketing skills and superb culinary talent, Deanne is the most loyal assistant to her younger sister and is definitely the go-to person for scheduling and accomodations. When not working at eveRIAthing, Deanne is busy building her own online retail business. Find her on Etsy via ‘Whims and Keepsakes’.

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Our Current Co-Hosts

Richard Davis

Janette Bundic (R)

Esabella Strickland (R)

Our Partner

Meet Lisa Wartur, our media partner since 2014.  The Founder and CEO of NoodleHead Productions, Lisa, is an entrepreneur with a passion for PR, people and pop-culture. As a Publicist, Writer, Social Media Producer, Media Relations Strategist and Expert IMDb Pro Contributor, Lisa has a wide range of experience working with an international celebrity, artist and corporate clientele. She has successfully combined her education and experience with her unique personal style, to become one of the most sought-after PR Consultants in the industry.


We are very privileged to have worked with Lisa all through these years, with most of our featured guests coming from her wide roster of talents including Dylan Kingwell and Peter Bundic who contiue to create very successful niches in the film industry. Some of Lisa's talents have been featured as co-hosts on our show namely Peter Bundic, Janette Bundic and Aiden Cumming-Teicher.


Lisa's current and past musician clients have been recognized and/or awarded by CCMA (Canadian Country Music Awards), BC Interior Jazz Artist of the Year, Saskatchewan Country Music Association, West Coast Music Awards and more.


We continue to join hands with Lisa as eveRIAthing expands its topics and audiences. Visit Lisa Wartur's IMDb page here:  Lisa Wartur IMDb




Contact us at everiathing@gmail.com.


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